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The Debate

US spying: Oppression or security measure? (part 2)

The scandal over US domestic surveillance activities now has a face: Edward Snowden. He is responsible for the leaks on the NSA-Verizon collusion and the NSA's internet surveillance. Efforts to fight terrorism continue to raise questions about morality, legality and effectiveness. Melissa Bell and her panel discuss whether government surveillance is a threat to democracy or indeed necessary to defend it.

  • Gérald OLIVIER, Journalist and Editor at Atlantico;
  • Curtis YOUNG, Professor of International relations, EGS Group;
  • Frédérick DOUZET, Castex chair of cyber strategy at the French Institute of Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN);
  • Christopher SOGHOIAN, Privacy researcher and activist, working at the intersection of technology, law and policy.

    Watch the first part

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