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Lebanon on edge: Hezbollah and the Syrian spillover (part 2)

One hour’s drive is all it takes to reach the border with Syria from the seaside in the capital Beirut. But, if the capital seems oblivious to it all, hundreds have been killed and scores more wounded in Lebanon’s second city of Tripoli, where the sectarian divide has long been bitter. François Picard and his panel discuss, from Beirut, whether the spillover from Syria's civil war could push neighbouring Lebanon over the edge.

  • Bassem AL SHAB, Member of parliament, March 14 coalition;
  • Michel de CHADAREVIAN, Head of Diplomatic Relations, Free Patriotic Movement Party Party;
  • Rania ABOU ZEID, Middle East reporter;
  • Ali FAKHRY, Lebanese activist.

    Watch the first part 

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