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Britain and Europe: To be, or not to be - in the EU? (part 2)

British Green MEP Jean Lambert joins us for the second part of the programme: while some in London want to leave the EU, further north, Scotland will hold a referendum on independence in September 2014. We ask why a number of Scots dream of breaking the 300-year union with the rest of the UK. We also look at the future of Britain's multicultural society following the murder in London of a British soldier by a radical Islamist.


Presenter: Christophe Robeet
Editor in chief: Caroline de Camaret
Producer: Alix Le Bourdon
Reporter: Julie Dungelhoeff
Images: Stéphane Bodenne, Alix Le Bourdon
Editing: Delphine Mironenko, Léa Géry, Clément Taillefer

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