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NGO raps Syrian neighbours for turning away refugees

Photo: Hurriyet/ Reuters

Syria’s neighbours have left tens of thousands of people stranded within Syria’s dangerous frontier regions by closing or tightening restrictions at several border crossings, NGO Human Rights Watch said on Monday.


Turkish, Iraqi and Jordanian border guards are pushing back tens of thousands of people trying to flee Syria, Human Rights Watch (HRW) claimed today.

“Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey have either closed numerous border crossings entirely or allowed only limited numbers of Syrians to cross, leaving tens of thousands stranded in dangerous conditions in Syria’s conflict-ridden border regions. Only Lebanon has an open border policy for Syrians fleeing the conflict,” the statement from the human rights body said.

HRW also claimed that an airstrike on June 25, 2013, reportedly hit the Syrian Bab al-Salam camp for displaced Syrians near the Turkish border, “where thousands of people have been stuck since August 2012 because Turkey refuses them entry.”

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