The Debate

Egypt at an impasse (part 1)

FRANCE 24 brings you a special debate from Cairo, two weeks after Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first ever democratically elected civilian president, was ousted by the army. With the country more divided than ever between supporters and opponents of Morsi, François Picard and his panel discuss whether there is a possibility of breaking the impasse in Egypt.


Our guests:

  • Amr El MEKKI, Spokesperson, Al-Nour Party;
  • Dina SAMAK, Deputy Editor, Al Ahram online;
  • Heba MORAYEF, Egypt Director - Middle East and North Africa division, Human Rights Watch;
  • Allaa IBRAHIM MOSTAFA, Spokesperson, Freedom and Justice Party.

Watch the second part of the debate.

A special debate recorded in Cairo, Egypt.

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