The World This Week

The World This Week - July 19th, 2013

The jury may have done its best given the evidence available, but the acquittal of George Zimmerman shows how Florida’s justice system seems to tip the scales against African-Americans and in favour of a gun law the rest of the world doesn’t understand. Also, India’s school lunch scandal, Egypt’s impasse, and the nagging doping doubts about the Tour de France.

  • Nicholas Vinocur. Correspondent, Reuters;
  • Noopur Tiwari. Resident Editor Europe, NDTV;
  • Georges Kazolias. News Producer, RFO;
  • Anne-Elisabeth Moutet. Columnist, The Sunday Telegraph.

Produced by François Picard, Anelise Borges, Paul Maakad, Valériane Gauthier.

Watch the second part here.

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