The Debate

Detroit bankruptcy: is it contagious? (part 2)

Say "Detroit" and many in Europe think Greece. Beyond the tragedy of a city that’s lost a quarter of its population in a decade, the Motor City’s demise highlights just how much bad debt is still out there swishing around.

  • Amine OUAZAD, Assistant Professor of Economics & Political Science, INSEAD;
  • Raquel GARRIDO, Spokesperson in charge of international relations, Parti de Gauche (Left Party);
  • Oliver GRIFFITH, Head of communication, International Finance Cooperation;
  • Ludovic SUBRAN, Chief Economist & Director for Economic research, Euler Hermes.
  • Douglas BERNSTEIN, Managing partner of Plunkett Cooney's Banking, Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights.

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    Programme prepared and produced by Emmanuelle Landais, Mary Colombel and Christopher Davis

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