The Observers

Rebel weapons in Syria, corrupt cops in Bamako, and more…

In this show we look back at some of our best stories from the past year. We would like to thank all our Observers across world for sending in their stories, which allow us to show different aspects of international news.


Story 1: Syria
Thanks to Russia's support, the Syrian regime fights with sophisticated weapons: fighter planes, tanks and missiles. The rebels have lighter weapons, making it difficult for them to aim at distant targets. When they manage to capture army equipment, whatever shape it is in, they will do all they can to fix it and put it back to use.

Story 2: Mali
Astute drivers in the Malian capital know it is best to carry money to bribe policemen if they get stopped. Sick and tired of handing out cash to corrupt cops, our Observer decided to film them.

Story 3: World
In Fiji, the military government barely batted an eyelid at a video allegedly showing prisoners being tortured. Also, find out why Iran’s latest stealth fighter jet appears to only fly on Photoshop. And we check out the Hollande night club in Mali, dedicated to the French President.

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