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Incendiary bomb ‘dropped on Syrian school children’

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At least ten teenagers have been killed by an incendiary bomb dropped by a fighter jet on a school playground in northern Syria, a BBC report said Friday. Shocking images showed victims covered in severe burns similar to those caused by napalm.


Days after an apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians, fresh scenes of horror emerged from Syria Friday. The BBC has broadcast a report showing shocking images of the aftermath of an incendiary bomb attack on a school playground in the north of Syria.

At least ten people were killed in the attack, which took place at the end of the school day on Monday, August 26, according to the BBC.

Filmed by a team working in Syria as part of the broadcaster’s Panorama programme, the report showed disturbing footage of teenage pupils covered in napalm-like burns writhing in agony as they awaited treatment at an overcrowded local hospital.

Most of the victims who were not killed immediately in the bombing suffered more than 50 percent burns, meaning their chances of survival are less than half, said the report.

The school’s headmaster told reporters: “This was the most horrific thing. We have seen images on TV, we have heard many stories, but we have never seen anything like this before.

“The worst thing in life is watching someone die right in front of you and you can’t do anything.”

Eyewitnesses said a fighter jet was spotted flying repeatedly overhead, apparently looking for targets, shortly before the bomb was dropped.

The type of bomb used in the attack is not yet known, but the injuries caused and the debris left behind suggest napalm or thermite could have been used, said the BBC.

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