Love padlocks 'threaten' Paris bridges

The French papers lead once again on the Syria crisis. Libération says world leaders attending the G20 in Russia want to know what would happen after any military strike aimed at 'punishing' Bashar al-Assad. Le Figaro focuses on Hollande's isolation: a mini-summit he planned with fellow European leaders ended up as a briefing on the coach taking them to the G20 dinner. Also, what gives with Paris's love padlocks?


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Some articles from today’s review of French papers:

Libération editorial ‘Equilibre’ on Syria crisis talks at G20 in St. Petersburg
Le Figaro on Hollande’s isolation. EU allies are not coming to his side at the G20, it says
Le Parisien-Aujourd-hui-en-France on the latest gangland killing in Marseille
Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui-en-France on 'love padlocks' damaging railings of Paris bridges and so raising a security concern for tourists

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