What's Merkel's secret? (part 2)

With nearly half the seats in parliament, Angela Merkel’s CDU seems to have the opposition SDP over a barrel as they enter grand coalition talks. She is no doubt a master tactician, but how much of a visionary will "Mutti" be should Europe falter further in her third term?

  • Ingeborg GRÄSSLE. CDU Member of the European Parliament (from Stuttgart);
  • Jakob HAESLER. CEO, Tinyclues;
  • Ulrike KOLTERMANN. Freelance journalist;
  • Philip GOLUB. Professor of International Relations, American University of Paris;
  • Manuel MALEKI. Economist/Sovereign Analyst. Former Senior Economist, ING;
  • Robert PARSONS. France 24's Chief Foreign Editor (from Berlin).

Produced by François Picard, Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel, Christopher Davis.

Whatch the first part here.

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