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Joaquin Phoenix: 'Jacques Audiard is unique, even among French directors'

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Child development: Inside a child's incredible brain

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Latest update : 2013-09-26

Paris celebrates male nudity

A new exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris takes a fresh look at the representation of male nudity. Almost 200 works are on display, depicting the male body from 1800 until the present day. The exhibition, which runs until February 2nd, has already been shown in Vienna, where it caused quite a scandal.

Also on the show, award-winning novelist Edmund White presents his new book "Jack Holmes and his friends", a love story between a gay man and a straight man. He tells us how homosexual relations have evolved over the past decades.

Finally, we check out the new Emilio Estevez film, "The Way", starring Martin Sheen.

By Clovis CASALI



2018-09-18 ENCORE!

Joaquin Phoenix: 'Jacques Audiard is unique, even among French directors'

Jacques Audiard, best known for directing films such as "Dheepan" and "A Prophet", is back with a genuine Western, entitled "The Sisters Brothers". FRANCE 24's Vincent Roux sat...

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2018-09-17 ENCORE!

Music show: Sônge, Christine and the Queens, plus Prince

We meet Sônge, an up-and-coming French artist with an eclectic alt-RnB sound that blends elements of electro and hip-hop. She’s gearing up to release her debut album showcasing...

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2018-09-14 ENCORE!

The making of a masterpiece: Picasso's landmark pieces on show

What elevates a simple work of art to the rank of masterpiece? A new show at the Picasso museum in Paris delves into the question, with the help of paintings like "On The Beach",...

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2018-09-13 ENCORE!

A Director of his Word on Pope Francis

From a new pass that opens up expensive high-end culture to young people in France to the fight for equality between the sexes at the Toronto Film Festival, and an interview with...

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2018-09-12 ENCORE!

Film show: 'The Freshmen', 'Shéhérazade' and 'Thunder Road'

It's survival of the fittest for students hoping to study medicine here in France, an ultra-competitive race which has been fictionalized by Thomas Lilti in "The Freshmen",...

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