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Putting a price on the 'City of Love'

A historian and a Parisian real estate specialist have put their heads together to come up with a total price tag for the City of Light, finding that the French capital is worth a whopping 706 billion euros.


Can you put a price on the "City of Love"?

According to a historian and a specialist in the French capital's real estate, if Paris were for sale, the going price would be... a whopping 706 billion euros (953 billion dollars).

To arrive at this sum, they identified some 1.3 million homes and offices around the "City of Light", added up their values according to the district, size of the property and price per square meter.

The pair chose to exclude historical monuments from their calculations – with the exception of thirty of them, for which they provided estimates of the worth of the buildings, but not the contents.

The Louvre was given a worth of 7.5 billion euros (10.13 billion dollars), the Eiffel Tower 2.8 billion euros (3.79 billion dollars) and the Elysée presidential palace 1.2 billion euros (1.62 billion dollars).

The figures should be taken with a grain of salt; other researchers have tried to slap price tags on Parisian tourist spots and come up with very different numbers.

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