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The Debate

Political paralysis in Tunisia

Tunisia has been in crisis mode since members of the political opposition were assassinated earlier this year. The islamist-led government has come under fire, blamed for a deteriorating security situation and economic mismanagement and despite earlier promises: it is clinging on to power. Cyril vanier and his guests discuss who is to blame and where the country can go from here.

  • Yusra GHANNOUCHI, International spokesperson for the Tunisian Ennahdha Party
  • Adnane BEN YOUSSEF, Representative of the Aljoumhouri Party in France
  • Steven EKOVICH, Professor at the American University of Paris
  • Saida OUNISSI, Researcher in Political Science, Paris La Sorbonne

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    Programme prepared and produced by Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel and Christopher Davis


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