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Greece on its knees: is there light at the end of the tunnel?

After six years of recession, Greece is teetering on the edge but the government believes the country will start to grow again next year. Is this wishful thinking? Our reporters also investigate the dark side of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party and find out why so many Greek tax cheaters go unpunished. Meanwhile, Socialist MEP Anni Podimata takes us inside Greece's new public television and Athens' cash-starved universities.


Presenter: Christophe Robeet
Editor in chief: Caroline de Camaret
Producers: Alix Le Bourdon, Valérie Labonne
Reporter: Julie Dungelhoeff
Images: Stéphane Bodenne, Valérie Labonne
Editing: Léa Géry, Julie Morhange, Delphine Mironenko

Watch the second part.

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