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The Debate

Spying: is the NSA out of control? (part 2)

Spying on friends is nothing new. But in the digital era, it's the means and the scale of the National Security Agency's eavesdropping that have François Picard's panellists arguing over what they claim is a mismatched game between the United States and Europe.

  • Denis GADONNET, Regional Director for Southern Europe, FireEye;
  • Etienne DROUARD, Lawyer specialized in Intellectual property, Information technology, online services and data protection;
  • Lanah KAMMOURIEH, International Law Specialist;
  • Michel NESTERENKO, Director of Research, CF2R French Research Center on Intelligence;
  • Gene Arthur COYLE, Former CIA Officer.

    Watch the first part

    Programme prepared and produced by Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel and Christopher Davis 

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