The Debate

French hostages freed: what's the deal ? (part 2)

1 min

The three-year ordeal is over for four employees of nuclear power giant Areva, but at what cost? François Picard’s panel takes a closer look at France's denial of a ransom payment and whether sufficient security measures were put in place by their employer.

  • Imad MESDOUA, Political Analyst, Mintz Group;
  • Michael KIRTLEY, Journalist, National Geographic & Africa International, Independent filmmaker;
  • Emmanuel DUPUY, President of the Institute for Prospective and Security Studies in Europe;
  • Marion LISSOT, Lawyer for former hostage Pierre Legrand;
  • Philomène REMY, France 24 Journalist.

    Watch the first part

    Programme prepared and produced by Vittoria Pirone, Mary Colombel and Christopher Davis

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