The Debate

Beirut Blasts: Iran Targeted

On the eve of what some hope could be breakthrough talks with Iran in Geneva, two suicide attacks target Tehran's embassy in Beirut. A message to dissuade Shiite Iran from doing a deal with the West? Domestic score-settling against Iran-backed Lebanese movement Hezbollah? Or the spillover from Syria? A hardline Sunni group has claimed responsibility. François Picard and his guests examine that claim, and try to get to grips with the bigger picture.

  • Lokman SLIM, Lebanese historian, publisher and social activist;
  • Jonathan PARIS, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council of the United States;
  • Elie ABDEL HAY, Lebanese opposition March 14th Coalition;
  • Mayssa AWAD, France 24 reporter.

Produced and prepared by David Boratav, Haxie Meyers-Belkin and Diaraye Bah

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