Ukraine: Putin's Hard Bargain

This week was supposed to be all about Vilnius, where a European Union Eastern Partnership summit opens on Thursday. Ukraine was to be the big star as it sealed loans and closer trading ties with Brussels. That is, until Russia made a more appealing offer. Kiev's about-turn prompted the biggest demonstrations in the country since the pro-Western Orange Revolution of 2004. The iron curtain may be no more, but could Europe now be headed for another East versus West deep freeze?

  • Oleksiy PLOTNIKOV, Head of the European Center for a Modern Ukraine;
  • Sergei MARKOV, Director of the Institute of Political Studies;
  • Celestine BOHLEN, Columnist at International NY Times;
  • Florent PARMENTIER, Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris.

Produced and prepared by Anelise Borges, Haxie Meyers-Belkin and Diaraye Bah

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