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Croatian Times: 'Croats insist in court case against Bob Dylan'

We look at newspaper coverage on the situation in Syria after the UN says it has "massive evidence" implicating Bashar al-Assad in war crimes. And at the Ukraine, where the English-language paper The Kyiv Post is saying that President Viktor Yanukovich has little way out of the crisis he sparked in rejecting an EU trade pact. Meanwhile, Bob Dylan is not "Blowin' in the wind" in France, he's causing a hurricane.


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Some articles from today’s French press review:

The Independent: ‘Massive evidence’ implicates Bashar al-Assad in war crimes

Washington Post: ‘Ousting Assad may only be the beginning’

Croatian Times: Croats in France insist in a court case with Bob Dylan

Op-Ed piece in Kyiv Post by Anders Aslund: Euro revolution in Ukraine

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