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The Debate

Ukraine: another Orange Revolution?

1 min

With Ukraine's government easily surviving a no-confidence vote, what's the pro-EU opposition's next move? François Picard's panel weighs up cash-strapped Kiev's limited options and the chances of heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitchko emerging as incumbent Viktor Yanukovich's main rival.

  • Inna SHEVCHENKO, FEMEN activist;
  • Julian NUNDY, Freelance Journalist;
  • Thorniké GORDADZE, Researcher at CERI Sciences Po; Former Georgian Minister for European Integration;
  • Iryna SKLIAR, Expert at the European Center for a Modern Ukraine;
  • Gulliver CRAGG, France 24 correspondent (from Kiev).

Watch part two

Produced and prepared by Anelise Borges, Cécile Khindria, Christopher Davis

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