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The Debate

Can the 'wound at Africa's heart' be healed?

French troops are on their way to another former colony in Africa. This time, it's the Central African Republic, a nation in turmoil where dozens have just been killed in the latest fighting in the capital. How did the Central African Republic get to this point? Can France help stop what it fears could become a genocide there?

  • General Dominique TRINQUAND, Director for External Relations, Groupe Marck;
  • Julie OWONO, Head of Africa Desk, Internet without borders;
  • Louis BERNARD, Founder of Layer Cake;
  • Mahamat KAMOUN, Chief of Staff, Office of the President of the Central African Republic;
  • Paul Simon HANDY, Director of Research, Institute for Security Studies, Pretoria;
  • Noureddine ADAM, Minister of State in charge of security and Intelligence;.

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Produced and prepared by Vittoria Pirone, Cécile Khindria, Christopher Davis

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