Deadly explosion strikes Nairobi minibus


At least three people have been killed and over a dozen injured after a device exploded on a minibus in the capital Nairobi on Saturday, police have reported.


Benson Kibue, chief of police in Nairobi, said Saturday that the minibus was travelling from the Eastleigh suburb of Nairobi to the city centre when the explosion occurred.

Kibue said more people were likely injured in what appears to be the first attack in the capital since the deadly terrorist assault on a Nairobi mall in September, in which scores were killed.

Kibue said investigators believe an improvised explosive device was used in the Saturday attack. Police told Reuters that it was a “grenade attack.”

Kenya has been the scene of multiple attacks since the country sent its military to Somalia to fight the al-Qaeda linked Islamist rebels of al-Shabaab.

Reuters quoted police as saying that the attack had occurred near a Somali-dominated area of the city and that the incident mirrors explosions last year that were blamed on Somali militants.

This explosion is the latest in a series of attacks in recent days, with AFP reporting that one person was killed in a bomb blast in northeast Kenya earlier Saturday and that there was a failed grenade attack on British tourists in Mombasa on Friday.

(FRANCE 24 with REUTERS, AFP and AP)

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