As it happened: Hollande faces the press

President François Hollande detailed his plans to revive France's flagging economy at a key press conference on Tuesday, but spent much of the time deflecting questions about his private life. Follow the event as it unfolded on our liveblog.

  • Hollande refused to answer questions about reports of a love affair with a French actress, saying “private matters should be dealt with privately”
  • He said he would clarify whether his partner Valerie Trierweiler was still first lady ahead of a trip to the US in February
  • The French president unveiled a raft of economic proposals, including €30 billion in tax breaks for companies in return for a commitment to boost employment
  • Hollande also defended France’s military interventions in Mali and the Central African Republic, saying French troops were there to “help, and not to replace, [African forces]”



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