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Latvia joins the euro club (part 2)

As European Capital of Culture 2014, Riga will host more than 200 special events. We visit the Latvian National Opera, Europe’s largest Art Nouveau district as well as the brand new National Library. We also ask why an estimated 200,000 Russian speakers remain "non-citizens", two decades after the country won back its independence from the Soviet Union.


Presenter: Christophe Robeet
Editor in chief: Caroline de Camaret
Producers: Alix Le Bourdon, Salima Belhadj and Julie Dungelhoeff
Reporters: Alix Le Bourdon and Julie Dungelhoeff
Images: Stéphane Bodenne and Julie Dungelhoeff
Editing: Chloé Poline, Audrey Le Narvor and Julie Morhange

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