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Regardez les vidéo de FRANCE 24. Actualité, économie, sport, culture – les dernières infos de notre rédaction à Paris et nos correspondants autour du monde.

One of the Ukrainian protesters' main complaints about Viktor Yanukovych's regime is its corruption. For years a number of NGOs have been exposing the ways officials allegedly cream profits off state investments. But earlier this week one of the most prominent among them, the Anti-Corruption Action Centre, relocated abroad amid threats. Its chairman, though, stayed behind in Kiev, but is living as a semi-fugitive. Our correspondents met him.SCRIPTJust over a kilometre long, Kiev's Darnytski bridge is no engineering marvel.Yet it has already cost over 800 million euros - and it's only part finished.To Vitaliy Shabunin, it's a symbol of the corruption that blights Ukraine.SOT (Ukrainian)Vitaliy SHABUNINChairman, Anti-corruption Action CentreThese elevated costs are not because we have bad engineers or architects, but because the authorities are stealing the money.The system, he says, is simple:SOT (Russian)Vitaliy SHABUNINChairman, Anti-corruption CentreThose in power channel public money into companies that they own, via non-competitive tenders. We have direct evidence.These companies charge far more than they pay their subcontractors, Vitaliy says… and the profit ends up in European banks.SOT (Russian)Vitaliy SHABUNINChairman, Anti-corruption CentreAll we ask of Europe is that it enforce its own laws. The money that is used to pay thugs and riot police to attack us is money stolen from our taxes and laundered in European banks.Recently Vitaliy's tyres were slashed, and militia mistakenly beat up an innocent bystander outside his organisation's office.They were warned they were in danger.SOT (Russian)Vitaliy SHABUNINChairman, Anti-corruption CentreDue to these threats we transferred our office, and my family, abroad. And now I try to go outside the barricades as little as possible, because it's dangerous for me. I live either at the hotel or on friends' couches.Ukraine has become a place where opponents of the government cannot live normal lives.For people like Vitaliy, there is no going back.[[SUR-TITLE]][[TITLE]][[INTRO]][[AUTHOR]]
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