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Three explosions have rocked the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.A mortar shell fell near the French embassy close to the home of the former president, and there were also explosions near the defence ministry and the country's central bank.No one was ...

Explosions rock the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, early on Monday morning.Police say a mortar shell landed near the......French embassy, close to the home of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.The embassy in the city's diplomatic area wasn't damaged.Earlier, a car bomb exploded a few hundred metres away.Two devices also went off in a minibus parked near the defence ministry.No one was's unclear who carried out the attacks.9. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic ) Eyewitness, Taha al-Kadasy, SAYINGwe heard a big explosion, we rushed to the scene, but we did not know what happened. Our neighbour's house was burning, and we helped them to extinguish the fire."In December, a suicide bomb and gun attack on the defence ministry killed 52 people and wounded nearly 170.Al-Qaeda linked millitants were believed to be behind that assault.The terrorist group has stepped up its activity in Yemen ever since mass protests in 2011 forced Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign.There has also been a recent spate of attacks against foreigners.Last month, an Iranian diplomat was fatally shot during a kidnapping attempt.While in December, a Japanese diplomat was stabbed he drove through Saana.[[SUR-TITLE]][[TITLE]][[AUTHOR]]Story by Kalvin Ng
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