Video: Iraqis celebrate Valentine’s Day amid daily violence

france 24

At the end of a week marred by bombings and violence, residents of Iraqi capital Baghdad were upbeat about a Valentine’s Day that was a contrast to the endemic violence of the troubled country.


Baghdad’s markets were packed on Friday as FRANCE 24 went to meet shoppers.

“Everyone sees Iraq as a troubled country linked with blood and war,” said one stall manager. “But this year we hope to give another image to show that Iraq is also a country of peace and love.”

One shopper said that despite the agony of violence in Iraq, Valentine’s Day gave him hope for the future.

“I'm very happy to be in Bagdad for Valentines day,” he told FRANCE 24. “I left the city in 1978 and I've come back after 33 years. Back then, we didn't know that one day, here, there would be a festival of love, friendship, peace and brotherhood.”

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