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Depardieu 'proud to be Russian' in luxury watch ad

via Facebook

French actor Gérard Depardieu, who left France in disgust at high taxes, has teamed up with Swiss watchmaker Cvstos to be the advertising face of their “Proud to be Russian” line of high-end timepieces.


Cvstos posted a picture of the actor on its Facebook page earlier this month sporting one of the company’s “Challenge Jetliner” watches, complete with a Russian national crest, a model which retails for upwards of 5,000 euros.

Depardieu was made a Russian citizen last year after he very publicly quit France in anger at a proposed 75 percent tax rate for France’s biggest earners, himself included.

His new passport was given to him personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his pride at becoming an adopted son of the Russian Motherland is already earning him extra cash.

His acting career is also on a roll. Depardieu recently played Rasputin in a biopic and shot ‘Viktor’ in Chechyna with British actress Liz Hurley.

He will also play Dominique Strauss-Khan in Abel Ferrara’s 'Welcome to New York', a film depicting the former IMF boss’s fall from grace.

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