Belgium opens terrorist probe in deadly Jewish Museum attack

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Belgian prosecutors on Monday opened a terrorism investigation into the deadly shootings of four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels at the weekend.


Wenke Roggen, a spokeswoman for the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, told a news conference that the investigation now under way was for "terrorist assassination" and "attempted terrorist assassination", and was in addition to an inquiry already opened at the weekend for "assassination."

A lone gunman on Saturday walked into the museum and opened fire on staff and visitors. An Israeli couple, a French woman and a Belgian man died in the attack.
On Sunday, deputy prosecutor Ine Van Wymersch said the suspect had been “armed and well prepared”, indicating that the crime had been premeditated. At the time she could not confirm whether it was a terrorist or an anti-Semitic attack.

Two Israelis, one French woman victims of Brussels museum shooting

Belgian police on Sunday released video surveillance footage taken from the museum showing the male suspect entering the building carrying two heavy bags. He then stopped at the door opening at one of the front rooms, pulled a Kalashnikov automatic rifle from one of the bags and started shooting. He then briskly walked away.

The suspect was wearing gloves and a grey cap.

The shooting has sent ripples across Europe, reviving fears of a fresh wave of anti-Semitism on the continent.

Leaders from Belgium and France, Pope Francis, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu and others have condemned the killings.

(FRANCE 24 with AP, AFP)

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