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report by Willy Bracciano and Yoray Liberman in southern israel, near the border with the gaza strip

It's 10pm in Sdérot, southern israel ... a grad multiple rocket has been fired from the gaza strip ... its quickly stopped by the isareli missile shield....In the streets, people say they' re scared and frustratedVOXPOP Sot Ariel PAHIMAN, habitant de Be´er Sheva"The situation is getting worse here and Bibi our prime minister is sleeping. Sderot is left on its own. What whould they do? Launch a military operation in the gaza strip. We need to break tham, we're fed up. A few meters away,passers by sought refuge in the bathroom of this restaurant... VOXPOP Hunny, it was an interception. We saw it don't worry In Femme blonde : "My heart is beating so fast. In the last 24 hours, more than 80 rockets have been fired at southern israel. This warehouse used to store pots of paint... It was the first site in the city to be targetted by gaza militants when they resumed firing rockets at Sdérot over a week ago... 2 million euros went up in flames... VOXPOP: Sot Baruch KOGAN, chef d'entreprise "Everything that was hit by the two missiles burnt down.. our entire company is out of service. Since the attack, the city of Sdérot has become more vigilent and has increased security.. Just like in other israeli cities located near the border with the gaza strip... people are living on edge...This monday, 3 rockets hit the Kibboutz of Nirim.. VOXPOP: this is my niece's bedroom it could have gone straight to her bedroomInstead, the rocket landed here in the back yard. With the gaza strip just 1.5 kilometers away... residents fear other rockets could hit them... early tuesday Israel launched an aerial operation - code-named Protective Edge...

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