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Video: Living in Tel Aviv, under threat of rocket attack

On Friday militant group Hamas continued to launch rockets into Israel, which has kept up air strikes over Gaza. FRANCE 24’s special envoy Willy Bracciano reports on what Tel Aviv residents do when a siren signals an imminent rocket strike.


Rockets fired from Lebanon struck near Israel’s northern border early Friday as long-range missile fire from Gaza continued for a fourth day.

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said the army responded with artillery fire toward the apparent source in southern Lebanon. The area is a known Hezbollah stronghold.

But while the Shiite militant group has battled Israel numerous times, past fire from Lebanon has been blamed on radical Palestinian factions in the area. Hezbollah has not been involved in the ongoing offensive.


Since 2012, Hamas has had the capacity to reach Tel Aviv with its rockets. Before, Tel Aviv was an “oasis of calm in Israel,” says FRANCE 24’s special envoy Willy Bracciano. “However, with the recent uptick in violence, that’s no longer the case.”


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