Just hours before the World Cup final, Germany is being tipped as the favourite to win. After a spectacular 7:1 score against Brazil in the semi-finals, Germans are hoping that they can bring home the World Cup for a fourth time. A report by ...

It's not quite Copacabana - but as the World Cup final approaches, the mood in Berlin, is every bit as bubbly. Germans feel confident about who will emerge victorious.VOXPOP YOUNG MAN 1„Tomorrow we will score at the beginning of the match and we will win without any problem."VOXPOP YOUNG MAN 2„Exactly. I think we'll win 2 - 1. In 2010 too we managed to see Messi off."VOXPOP YOUNG MAN 3„I really hope the German teams wins. They deserve it.VOXPOP YOUNG WOMAN 1"We've waited 24 years for this."VOXPOP YOUNG MAN 4„As long as that? Sure, that's a long time." Faith in the German team is stronger than ever. In this betting shop, Germany is the clear favourite.SOT"People are coming here and betting on Germany to win money. At the moment for example, with 100 euros you can get 114 if Germany wins."Germany is being seen as a safe bet for bookmakers. And most gamblers here are placing money on a 2:1 German win.SOT„You just need to watch them play to know they're going to win. Germany couldn't have a better team.The game will be a lot more difficult than it was against Brazil though. This sports journalist also expects Germany to win. But says it'll be a tough fight.SOT JOURNALIST"I don't think it will be another score of 7 to 1. Or even a high score. Quite the opposite: it will be a tight game. The German team will control the ball, but above all they should try to break through and score a goal."PTC