French-Moroccan 'jihadist' detained at Charles de Gaulle


A French-Moroccan suspected "jihadist" has been detained at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, the interior ministry said on Saturday. The suspect was arrested shortly after arriving from Turkey, where he had been expelled by authorities.


A statement from the interior ministry said the suspect was arrested upon his arrival in France by officers of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI) as part of a preliminary investigation into a possible "conspiracy to plan terrorist acts".

The office of Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve hailed the arrest as being the result of successful international cooperation – in particular with Turkey, which it said is known to be "the primary transit route for aspiring jihadists en route to Syria or Iraq".

Suspects in terror-related cases can be detained for up to 96 hours without being formally charged.

The name and age of suspect have not been officially released. AFP cited a police source as saying the suspect was 37 years old and from Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône).

Cazeneuve presented a new bill to the Council of Ministers on July 9 proposing tougher anti-terrorist measures. The text will be submitted for a first reading to parliament in September.

According to the interior ministry, nearly 800 French youths are taking part in Syria's civil war. The figure includes almost 300 who have already left for Syria, another 300 or so who are possibly in transit as well as those who intelligence services believe are making plans to go.

Counterterrorism officials are particularly concerned about the risk of terrorist attacks being launched by those who return to Europe after undergoing jihadist training abroad.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and REUTERS)

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