Video: Kurdish factions unite in fight against jihadists in Iraq

Screengrab France 24
1 min

FRANCE 24's special correspondents in northern Iraq followed Kurdish Peshmerga fighters as they retook two towns that had been seized by jihadist militants from the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS.


Fighters from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a Kurdish guerilla faction in Turkey, joined forces with the regular Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq to oust radical Sunni extremists from the town of Makhmour.

FRANCE 24’s special correspondents in Iraq report that the battle of Makhmour marks the first time the PKK and KRG forces have fought side by side. Despite years of infighting, both factions want to prevent Islamist militants from gaining a foothold in Kurdish territories and redrawing the borders of the region.

“All the guerilla forces and all the parties are going to fight together and we will remove the jihadists from Iraq”, a Kurdish fighter told FRANCE 24.

Watch our video report by clicking on the player above.

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