Video: Dozens arrested despite smaller protests in Ferguson

© FRANCE 24 screengrab | Ferguson, Missouri, USA

Over 40 people were arrested during protests Tuesday over the police shooting of a black unarmed teenager in Ferguson. Despite the arrests, the situation on the ground seemed its calmest since the protests began 11 days ago. FRANCE 24 reports.


In the days since the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson has been engulfed in racially-charged clashes.

However, the overall scene Tuesday night was more subdued than over the past five nights, with smaller crowds, fewer confrontations and no tear gas. Police said they made 47 arrests, mainly due to people defying orders to disperse.

The deep-seated mistrust between the police and the local population remained tangible.

“Police don’t give a f**k about people, that’s what is happening. It’s a war strategy, they have us surrounded,” one protestor told FRANCE 24.

Another protester called the police, “lawless.”

In light of this situation, global human rights watchdog Amnesty International deployed its first-ever team of observers within the United States. They were on hand Tuesday night, providing direct support to community members and observing the police.

Click on the video above to watch FRANCE 24’s report from Ferguson.

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