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Frenchman jailed for deliberately infecting partner with HIV

Frederick Florin, AFP | Christophe Morat leaving a courtoom in the eastern French city Colmar in 2005

A French court sentenced Christophe Morat to 12 years in prison on Thursday after finding him guilty of intentionally infecting a woman with HIV and exposing five others to the fatal virus.


Morat, whom the prosecution described as a “seducer” with a “double personality,” was also jailed for six years in 2005 for a similar crime.

Arms folded, with a shaky voice and occasional outbursts, Morat asked forgiveness of the women he had exposed to the virus, which can lead to AIDS.

Morat told the court that he “regretted” not using a condom. "At no moment did I make out as that I wasn’t infected," he said.

The 43-year-old woman he infected told the court she had fallen under Morat's "influence".

She discovered his previous conviction when she looked him up online after becoming concerned that he was cheating on her.

Despite this, Morat convinced her to stay with him and resume sexual relations, first protected, then unprotected.

Even after she became infected, she continued living with him.

Morat’s defence lawyer, Barbara Camoin, argued that "betrayal, infidelity, are part of human nature, but they are not a criminal offence".

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)

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