Uruguay: President Mujica’s social revolution

France 24

By legalising both gay marriage and abortion, and decriminalising cannabis, Uruguay has become a real-life social laboratory in Latin America over recent years. The architect of these reforms was President José Mujica, whose term ends in March 2015. The track record of this atypical head of state is controversial among voters, who will elect his successor on October 26th.


In Uruguay, the campaign for the presidential election on October 26th is in full swing. At stake are the highly controversial social reforms launched by the atypical president, José "Pepe" Mujica.

More and more Uruguayans think the president, and former guerilla fighter, has gone too far and too fast. The conservative opposition has been surfing on this unease and Mujica cannot run for another term.

Will his reforms last?

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