The United Nations has formally received the Palestinian application for membership of the International Criminal Court. The documents were delivered to the UN legal department (this Friday) just two days after Palestinian Authority President ...

A crucial moment in the Palestinians' fight for global recognition.... Paperwork requesting membership in the International Criminal Court was formally handed over to the UN legal department on Friday. SOT RIYAD MANSOUR, PALESTINIAN U.N. OBSERVER: "Many of you used to ask me over the months and the weeks, 'When are you going to join the ICC?' And I was telling you soon, and very soon, and very soon and it has happened." Palestinian leaders say they want to prosecute Israel for crimes allegedly committed on their land....SOT RIYAD MANSOUR, PALESTINIAN U.N. OBSERVER: "It is a peaceful option. It is a civilized option. It is an option that anyone who uphold the law should not be afraid of." With momentum for the independence bid growing, Mahmoud Abbas signed the ICC application and more than a dozen other international treaties on Wednesday....a day after a stinging defeat in the UN Security Council. The US led a vote against a resolution to establish a Palestinian state by 2017 - calling it an impediment to peace talks. Neither the US nor Israel are members of the ICC, but they have reacted angrily to the application - with Benjamin Netanyahu urging the Hague-based court to reject the request, on the basis that the Palestinian Authority is not a recognised state. The ICC's 122 members decided last month to allow the Palestinians to participate in their meetings as an observer state.If no roadblocks are raised, their full membership could go through in the next 60 days.