In pictures: Charlie Hebdo first post-attack issue sells out

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The first post-attack issue of Charlie Hebdo, completed by the survivors of last week’s massacre on the French satirical magazine that left 12 dead, sold out within just a few hours when it hit French newsstands Wednesday.


Even before dawn, most French kiosks had sold out of the much-anticipated issue – despite a record print run of three million copies from the usual 60,000 – but people still lined up in the hope of getting their hands on a spare copy.  On Wednesday, the magazine announced it would make five million copies available, including translations into five languages.

The core of the magazine’s staff died last Wednesday when militants Islamists stormed its central Paris offices and killed a total of 12 people, including some of France’s finest cartoonists.

Here are some tweeters' accounts of the rush to newsstands.

"Charlie Hebdo sold out. On sale tomorrow,” a sign at a newsstand says.

People were seen queuing for a copy all across France. By 10am vendors said the first post-attack issue of Charlie Hebdo had sold out.

At Place de la République in central Paris, the line to the newsstand was overwhelming.

 Despite the newsstands selling out of copies, many people chose to wait around in case a new Charlie Hebdo shipment would arrive. Here in Bordeaux.

Even abroad, people were wondering where they could get hold of a copy.

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