Monopoly maker puts real money in birthday edition

PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP One Monopoly box will contain a fat wad of euro notes
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One lucky French Monopoly player will not have to “Pass Go” to come up trumps after game maker Hasbro announced it had placed 20,580 euros in real bank notes in a special edition box to mark the board game’s 80th birthday.


Of the 30,000 birthday sets, a further ten contain 300 euros and 69 more include 150 euros in crisp notes.

“We were looking to do something truly unique,” Monopoly’s French product manager Florence Gaillard told reporters on Monday. “And when we asked players what they wanted to find inside their boxes, they told us they wanted real money.”

“We’re making their dreams come true,” she added with a smile.

The game of aggressive capitalist expansion, which hit the US market for the first time in 1935, includes editions for top cities such as London, New York, Berlin and of course Paris.

With 300 versions, Monopoly is available in 47 languages, is sold in 114 countries and has been played by an estimated one billion people worldwide.

Monopoly is France’s favourite board game, with around 500,000 sets sold every year. There are 24 regional editions available to French players.

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