Video: Chadian army clashes with Boko Haram in Nigeria

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Backed by helicopters and armoured vehicles, the Chadian army clashed with Boko Haram militants Tuesday in the Nigerian town of Dikwa. It was the furthest Chad's army has ever ventured into neighbouring territory in its fight against the Islamists.


The Chadian army said it lost two soldiers and killed 117 Boko Haram militants in the fighting, which took place 50 kilometres (31 miles) south of the Cameroonian border.

In the past two weeks Chad, Cameroon and Niger, all of which have been targeted in recent attacks by Boko Haram insurgents, have joined Nigeria in launching military counter-offensives. The US Army is also providing equipment and intelligence in the fight.

Nigerian forces said on Wednesday that they had killed more than 300 Boko Haram militants since the start of the week as part of a massive operation to recapture 11 towns and villages.

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