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Cognac, 'liquor of the gods'

French author Victor Hugo called it the "liquor of the gods". Cognac is one of the symbols of French luxury and lifestyle. Appreciated across the world, it's no surprise that 97% of it is exported. This high-end brandy produced in the Charentaise region is the result of an ancestral know-how.


"You are here" tells you the secrets of this precious elixir. From the distillery, with its unique techniques, to the museum where the some of the finest bottles of Cognac are preserved, via the wine storehouse where the oak-aged brandies are assembled, we show you the whole manufacturing process of a top-range Cognac XO.

We also discover how the cellar master acts as an alchemist in order to produce the same taste, from one year to the next.

Please drink responsibly.

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