Smuggling of oil 'is only one of IS group's illicit activities'

Defeating terrorism requires a new approach that tackles not just propaganda but also organized crime and corruption. That's the argument put forward by Louise Shelley, one of the world's leading experts on terrorist financing. She's a professor at George Mason University in the US, and the author of "Dirty Entaglements: Corruption, Crime and Terrorism".


The Islamic State group's financing is diversified and comes from all sorts of smuggling, Louise Shelly told FRANCE 24's Armen Georgian. "We talk a lot about ISIS or IS being involved in the smuggling of oil, but that's only one of its illicit activities", she said. “It’s involved in antique smuggling, human smuggling, cigarette smuggling, hostage-taking for profit. It has many diverse sources of revenue that allows it to function”.

Louise Shelley suggests how to help cut off financing to terrorist groups, saying that a broad, "whole of society" solution is required.

She also explains how the Paris terrorists funded their deadly attacks here in January.

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