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Video: Passions flare on eve of Nigeria election

Nigerians will vote for their next president in a general election on Saturday, March 27
Nigerians will vote for their next president in a general election on Saturday, March 27 FRANCE 24

With Nigeria’s general election just a day away, talk on the streets of the capital Abuja is dominated by just one question: Who will emerge victorious in Saturday’s poll?


Debate can often become heated, particularly when it comes to the achievements of incumbent Goodluck Jonathan since he took victory in the last general election four years ago.

“He is a very weak leader, he is a leader who does not have the will or capacity to rule this country, he has no business ruling this country,” says one customer seated at a table at an Ajuba restaurant.

His friend seated opposite strongly disagrees.

“Jonathan is the best thing that can happen to Nigeria,” he says. “If you ask me I will tell you that in terms of transformation he has done a lot.”

Jonathan’s opponent, just as it was four years ago, is Muhammadu Buhari – former army general who has put the fight against corruption at the heart of his political platform, allegations of which have plagued the current president’s administration.

Jonathan’s recent regional intervention against the Islamist militant group Boko Haram has also failed to convince Buhari’s supporters.

“He made us believe that it is working, but I would I have expected that before now, why just now, close to election time?” says one Abuja local.

Whoever wins, everyone is just hoping that the election passes peacefully. Some 1,000 people were killed in clashes after the last election in 2011 when Jonathan defeated Buhari.

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