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Swedish FM: ‘Diplomacy today is about courage and patience’

She's been Sweden's diplomat-in-chief for just over half a year. But within that space of time she's angered both Israel and parts of the Arab world. She's also raised eyebrows, abroad more than at home perhaps, by promoting a "feminist" foreign policy. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström speaks to FRANCE 24's Markus Karlsson.


Margot Wallström admits that "there can be a price to pay for standing up for democracy and human rights". However, she is convinced that "you cannot create a sustainable peace unless you have women around the table or also signing a peace deal. You cannot have sustainable economies unless they are based on the rule of law".

Sweden’s top diplomat says that "diplomacy today is about both courage and patience".

She also reacts to claims that French troops sexually abused children in the Central African Republic while on a UN peacekeeping mission, a story leaked to French authorities by a Swedish UN staff member. Margot Wallström says that such allegations "undermine the credibility of the whole of the United Nations". Regarding the case of the Swedish whistleblower, she urges the UN to carry out a "fair, correct investigation".

Despite Sweden recognising a Palestinian state, Wallström insists that Stockholm has "excellent relations with Israel because we are taking sides with peace”.

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