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Video: Ex-militant acquitted by ICC begs not to be sent to DR Congo

FRANCE 24, video screen grab

Mathieu Ngudjolo is desperate to stay in Europe after the ICC acquitted him of war crimes committed in DR Congo. FRANCE 24 obtained an exclusive interview with the Congolese prisoner just days before his scheduled flight for the capital Kinshasa.


Ngudjolo, who was accused of commanding fighters who carried out a massacre in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2003, complained that he is being sent home to certain doom.

“No one ever asked me what I wanted, not once,” he said in an exclusive interview from his jail cell in the Hague, Netherlands.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in February upheld Ngudjolo’s December 2012 acquittal, clearing him of charges that included overseeing the raping and hacking to death of some 200 people, including children.

During the five-year trial, Ngudjolo claimed Congolese President Joseph Kabila was responsible for the atrocity.

Despite reassurances from ICC officials that Ngudjolo will be safe when he returns to Congo on Friday, the former militia leader claims he will be persecuted or worse for denouncing Kabila.

To watch FRANCE 24’s full video from the Hague click on the player above.

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