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Will the UK stay in the EU?

The British election wasn't the nail-biter many had expected. The Conservative party won a majority in the House of Commons, which means they will be able to govern on their own. But while the Tory victory ended one factor of uncertainty for British businesses, it opened the door to another. Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to put Britain's EU membership to a referendum by 2017. What is the likelihood of a "Brexit"? Will the UK become a new Norway or Switzerland?


Lucy Thomas is campaign director for "Business for New Europe", a group that brings together business leaders in favour of Britain staying in the EU. She has the difficult task of convincing the British public that EU membership strongly benefits the UK.

"The real passionate case for Britain’s EU membership hasn’t really been made consistently over the past 20, 30 years and I think we take a lot of the rights and benefits for granted", she says.

"Meanwhile, those who’d like us to get out have been consistently knocking Brussels and saying ‘Oh look, there’s another daft piece of regulation’. So I think we have a real job to do, both from the business community but also politicians, and also popular figures and all kinds of people, to explain the benefits to people in their everyday lives".

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