The Interview

Novak Djokovic: 'I have grown'

France 24's Sports Editor Dan Levy speaks to world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic about the French Open, his amazing form this year, the particularities of fame, and how he has changed as a man and a player.


"I feel like today I am more mature as a person, I have grown, I have improved, I have learned how to deal with my emotions better. Overall I’m a stronger player, physically and mentally as well," Novak Djokovic told FRANCE 24.

The world number one also opened up about becoming a husband and father. "It made me understand how I need to adapt to new changes in my life but it also gave me this great sense of serenity, confidence, comfort and fulfilment in every aspect of my life," he said.

Concerning the French Open, the only Grand Slam he has not won, Djokovic admits that "it’s a completely different feeling coming to Paris and preparing for Roland-Garros than any other event. Not in terms of pressure and expectations, but just in terms of excitement and getting on the court and competing and trying to see how far I can get".

"Hopefully this is the year," he said, adding: "I’m going to try to give myself reason to believe I can make it, through an everyday commitment, discipline and things that I can influence."

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