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The Interview

'The Iraqi people are more divided than ever'

Iraqi Vice President and former prime minister Ayad Allawi gave an exclusive interview to FRANCE 24's Marc Perelman. Speaking on the sidelines of the regional World Economic Forum conference in Jordan, he discussed the main issues facing Iraq.


"Iraq still lacks significant achievements. It does not have a proper reconciliation, the people are divided, more than ever, it’s getting more and more so", Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi told FRANCE 24.

"Since the dismantlement of the state of Iraq, in 2003, there have been very sectarian policies. The sectarian environment prevailed, and this sectarian environment prevented the process of reconciliation and laid obstacles against the political process".

Asked about the advances of the Islamic State group, (also known as ISIS), and the recent fall of Ramadi to the jihadists, Allawi remains optimistic. "I don’t believe that we are going to lose the war against ISIS, on the contrary, I believe that we are going to emerge victorious at the end of the day".

"We need to beef up and support our own institutions, armed forces, the police, and get more and more capacity-building immediately by recruiting ex-army officers, ex-soldiers and by recruiting volunteers who are ready to be trained immediately”, he added.

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